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Topic: Restore "Make" to DSL
started by: rfka01

Posted by rfka01 on Nov. 11 2007,15:45
Hello everybody,

I'm trying to get WPA for my wireless card running, and I need "make" to get wpa_supplicant running.
I have so far tried DSL 4.0 and 3.4.5.
I have a harddisk install, restored apt-get and GNU utils.
When I do apt-get install make, both installations alike get files from the file mirrors and try to install, but end up with an error while unpacking fileutils.

What am I doing wrong, and is there an easy way to restore "make" capability?

Thanks, Robert

Posted by curaga on Nov. 11 2007,15:55
There's an easy way: get the gcc1-with-libs.dsl extension. It includes much of the compile environment needed (gcc, g++, make, headers..)
Posted by Juanito on Nov. 11 2007,16:03
...or the compile-3.3.5.uci extension which you can unload after you've used make :)
Posted by rfka01 on Nov. 11 2007,16:07
Thanks folks!
I'll give these options a try after entertaining the kids for a while ;-)

Posted by roberts on Nov. 11 2007,18:02
wpa_supplicant is already included with DSL.
What issue(s) were you encountering and what card?

Posted by rfka01 on Nov. 11 2007,20:26
I tried both, and get the error

make: cc: Command not found
make: ***[config.o] Error 127

I'm probably just missing something simple.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 11 2007,20:46
Make a link for cc to point to gcc
Posted by rfka01 on Nov. 11 2007,21:25
*blush* I just found out, too.

I know the whole thread should be in "networks" now.
I'm trying to get my Orinoco Gold card to talk to my WLAN router in WPA.

I was following a walkthrough that was compiling the wpa_supplicant.

Thanks for all the help

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