Any suggestions for an its_server_name for Canada?

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Topic: Any suggestions for an its_server_name for Canada?
started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Nov. 27 2007,02:07
I've got a laptop with a dead CMOS battery, so this new feature in 4.1RC3 really appeals to me.  I'd love it if DSL would set the clock when it boots up.

Does anybody know a reliable Time Server I can use for Eastern Time Zone?

Is there any way to ask DSL to set the BIOS clock from this startup option if it fetches it successfully?


Posted by roberts on Nov. 27 2007,02:46
For a more local its check < >

The actual script called is gettime.lua in /usr/local/bin I wrote the script so that alternate its as well as timeout can be passed on the command line.

Usage: sudo gettime.lua {nist_time_server} {timeout-in-secs}

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