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started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Nov. 27 2007,02:14
I read a message on this forum a day or two past and it mentioned that DSL uses network MAN pages.

Then I read another message that said the network MAN server is no longer up and running.

Can I tweak a config file and point BusyBox to a different MAN page server?  Or, better yet, install MAN pages on my own machine and point BusyBox there?


Posted by roberts on Nov. 27 2007,02:39
The internet man page server is working fine here.
The complaint had to do with the actual man page sever when a command's manpage was not found.

Originally DSL used olemiss university man page server. That server is down. If you are running old versions of DSL which still point to olemiss then no manpages are displayed.

When olemiss went missing, John decided on, Hurricane Electric manpage server. When a command is not found on this server, it responds with an adverstiment for their ISP products.

Since DSL uses busybox most man pages are not correct for busybox, so John wrote the script to first determine if the command was a busybox and if so display a busybox man page. So it is not a striaght forward fetch and display.

If one is offended by Hurricane Electric, then change the manpage server in the script at /usr/local/bin/man.

If you are on a traditional hard drive install with gun-utils loaded then no busybox.

Also there is a manpage extension that can provide local manpages.

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