Can the exit options be configured to not save?

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Topic: Can the exit options be configured to not save?
started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Nov. 27 2007,02:50
Is there a config file for the Exit application that offers up Reboot, Shutdown and Exit to Console?  I'd like to set mine up so that it doesn't save to a backup file by default.

I'm primarily using DSL in traditional HD install and don't need the backup file regenerated every time I shut down.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 27 2007,02:59
It would be fairly dangerous for liveCD/frugals, which is the primary design goal of DSL. I rarely tweak things specific for tradtitional hard drive installations. But it, like most custom stuff in DSL, is a script and therefore easy to change. Look at /usr/bin/exit.lua.
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