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started by: bluemanteam

Posted by bluemanteam on Dec. 06 2007,16:20
For my own understanding, I recently downloaded DSL (version 4 I Believe).

When I open firefox, it is version 1.0.6.  I was just curious why this wouldn't have been updated to a more recent version in DSL?

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 06 2007,16:29
It's mostly a space issue.  DSL's main goal is to stay under 50MB as an ISO and use as little RAM as possible while running.  FF 2 needs much more on both counts.

I believe that there's a MyDSL extension for FireFox 2.  You'll want to look into it if you're interested in watching YouTube videos as FF 1 doesn't accept the Flash 9 player that shows up as default plugin.

Search the Forum here, there are a few threads on this topic.

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 06 2007,17:45
It's mostly a space issue.
That's part of it, but I believe it is primarily because Firefox depends on the Gtk2 toolset, which is not in DSL. As I remember it, the Firefox version currently used in DSL was painstakingly hacked in order to (mostly) work with Gtk1. I'd guess it wasn't a pleasant task, and I'm not surprised that it wasn't continued with newer versions of the browser.

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