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started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 19 2007,02:56
Sorry, I know this is a generic question, but I'd like to raise it just to get an understanding.

I used axyftp for the first time tonight and am very happy with it.

I found the .axyftp/sessions file under my home directory and understand that it stores all the connection settings I added.  All good.

I wanted to save some time and add a few connections without the GUI tool.  I executed 'more sessions' and saw data in the file.  I executed 'nano sessions' and saw the data.  I saw the control characters at the beginning of the file.

When I ran 'beaver sessions', all I saw was a blank page.  I'm guessing that the control characters in the file are making it impossible to edit with beaver.  I'm guessing that beaver was not built to do this.

Simply for my edification, am I on the mark with this or is there some switch I can use with beaver to edit this file?

Much thanks,

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