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started by: KB1LQC

Posted by KB1LQC on Dec. 26 2007,22:28
Hey all!

Ok so here is my situation... I am an amateur radio operator (Explains the username), my current project is whats called an APRS Digipeater for my local area/ school club (Automatic Position Reporting System and ). It basically receives, retransmits, and sends packet information on the radio and connects it to the internet.

So I want to use an old computer as a head system for the high school amateur radio club I co founded a few years ago (I now attend RIT). This would ideally be controlled as a remote head acceable through remote desktop of some sort since it will not need to be used much, just to process packet information.

I am trying to set up linux on this computer :

(as best as I can figure):

Intel Pentium I MMX (either 100 or 233MHz ill have to check)
64 Mb ram
60GB HDD (surprised to get that to work!)
10/100 Mbit LAN

So DSL is on there right now, and to me it seems to work fine.  However I tried to install APRSDigi from the tarball and its not working.  I right click and select extract, which I believe would be the same as extracting through the terminal?  But it loads in its own directories and im not sure where to go from there... I get errors when I try to compile it and because of that MAKE obviosly will not work... any help?  This is a fairly important project because it supports the local radio community and I go back to school in less than 2 weeks (about 400 miles away, RIT)... So getting this set up would be AMAZING and I really do not want to do this with an old version on Windows 98 (previously on there)...

Thank You


Posted by roberts on Dec. 27 2007,00:04
If you are going to try to do compiles on 64MB machine you will likely have issues.  

When using xtar the GUI or simply tar, you must indicate where you would want the extraction to take place. xtar allows this.

The gnu compiler is not included with DSL. You should use an extension. There are several in the repository.

Posted by KB1LQC on Dec. 27 2007,01:44
I did not see an extension for APRS Digi in the repository?  If thats what you mean?
Posted by lucky13 on Dec. 27 2007,02:22
Look in applications, scroll down to xastir.
Comments:       Xastir APRS Tracking/Logging program for X
               Offers Net, IGate, and VHF connections
       Includes icon and mydsl-menu selections

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 31 2007,02:02
roberts probably meant for the make/compiler suite, i.e. the gcc* extensions.
But it would be easier to use the precompiled and prepackaged mydsl extension :)

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