eject should umount && eject?

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Topic: eject should umount && eject?
started by: mikshaw

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 12 2008,01:35
I can't recall when I last used the eject command in DSL, but it seems that it once umounted and ejected a CD/DVD. Maybe I remember wrong.

In any case, I think the eject command is *supposed* to do that, but currently it doesn't seem to do it. Using DSL 4.2.3, I have to umount a disk and then eject.

Posted by curaga on Jan. 12 2008,13:22
There's a switch for umounting, at least in some versions..
Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 12 2008,14:58
No switches in Busybox eject except "-t".
Just realized that it's a permissions issue. "sudo eject" works fine. Maybe that's what I had been doing before, but my old DSL aliases don't include sudo.

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