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Topic: emelFM version .92 dooted box
started by: Big_Pc_Man

Posted by Big_Pc_Man on Jan. 15 2008,21:31
Perhaps one of the expert forum members could explain what it means when a file (log file in this case) has a dotted square box at the end of the file name entry in the emelFM file panel. Ok I know dooted should have been Dotted in the tile.

Posted by WDef on Jan. 15 2008,21:44
I could be wrong but I suspect it means a character not able to be rendered in emelfm's current fonts?

What happens if you play with the font configurations via emelfm's "configure" button ...

Posted by Big_Pc_Man on Jan. 15 2008,22:03
OK, that's interesting. I get a backwards question mark if I use "terminal" font. Maybe a little more background will help. I have a script that writes to log file twice. The script first writes the response I get from a wget command and then writes the current date and time to the same file. In DSL 3.4 this all worked fine. Now in 4.3 I get two file entries in emelFM one with the dotted square box and one without it. One file has the wget command results and the other has the date and time. If I do a "ls" using aterminal there is only one file entry with the wget command results. I'm confused. Any ideas?
Update: If I do a "ls -help" the two files are listed as identical files. I didn't think that was possible? They have the same date and time but their size is different. I guess this is the same as emelFM is displaying.

Never mind, I found the problem. I had a wget command with both a -o and output ">" file output redirect to the same file.

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