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Topic: new murgaLua in testing
started by: mikshaw

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 20 2008,01:30
This weekend John Murga has released a new testing version of murgaLua, and plans to release 0.6 very soon.
rough changelog from the prerelease:
   * MurgaLua compiler beta (see COMPILER-LICENCE for terms of use).
     (This has been tested on all platforms including MacOS)
   * Many small FLTK fixes, binding corrections and upgrade to build r6021.
     (Not all of these are tested yet, and yes, that is yesterday's build :-) )
   * Upgrades to luasocket, copas, luafilesystem and lsqlite.
   * Integrated md5, added a couple of HEX encoding functions and a rounding function.
   * Lots of build tweaks for all platforms (in terms of size, options, etc).
     This release is smaller than the 0.5 series with more features ;-)
   * Minor updates to the documentation (not in this tar).
   * Refactored how the FLTK bindings are updated, making things MUCH easier for myself.
   * user_data() methods for all widgets and menu items is implemented.
     (This allows for much neater menus and event handling in general)
   * method implemented for all image types.
     (Creates a table that allows for manipulation of images)
   * Fl_Pixmap constructor implemented along with rotation demo.
     (Now all image types can be created programatically)

The current non-xft version works in DSL 4 without modification

Posted by roberts on Jan. 20 2008,02:34
It is looking good and I will merge in as soon as it is released.
Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 22 2008,02:07
Something I didn't notice until now....the regular Xft version also works in DSL 4 without modification, although it is a little slower sometimes.

Over the last couple of days John included some very useful portions of Fl_Menu_, such as callback(),  that makes it a lot easier to make a very specific menu.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 22 2008,02:12
Yes, I had added xft for better support of Opera browser and MurgaLua.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2008,06:42
mikshaw, There was a pre-release, now I see an "updated build".
Is an official release for murgaLua comming soon? Are these the "release candidates" for murgaLua? Somehow, I was under the impression that 0.6 was to be out soon and a test 0.7 was to follow shortly.

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 24 2008,13:06
Is an official release for murgaLua comming soon?
It seems so:
I have relatives visiting for a few days, so the final won't be out until they are gone, however, unless there any bugs these will be the final binaries.

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