Need -o param for ps (ps -o)

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Topic: Need -o param for ps (ps -o)
started by: mariusc80

Posted by mariusc80 on Jan. 24 2008,05:59

I installed < torrentflux > on my system, but it tries to run ps -o ... which bussybox cannot.

I was wondering what are my options?
- I tried building a new version of bussybox ... but I'm getting an error at build validation time (I did not invest much time in this)


Posted by andrewb on Jan. 24 2008,06:19
You need to load the gnu-utils extension. This will give you the full version of the commands, rather than the busybox version
Posted by mariusc80 on Jan. 24 2008,06:25
:) that worked. thanks.
Posted by chaostic on Jan. 25 2008,07:20
OOHH purty.... But rtorrent = betta :P
Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 25 2008,15:13
an alternative to gnu-utils (9mb) is procps.uci (144k)
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