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started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on Mar. 06 2008,20:38
I accidentaly hit enter in a wrong place and I wrote an empty CD. This is kinda nasty. The program didn't asked me anything even there were no files added. Anyway imo programs like this should ask before writing.

But now on to the Q: How do you select your own iso image to burn?
I checked briefly and I didn't found any way. Then I simply used cdrecord from command line to do the job.

Posted by roberts on Mar. 06 2008,20:56
Here is a link to their < man page. >

Perhaps you should post or send their CDW project your suggestion for improvement.

You can use the "Options" to specify the location of the image to record.

Posted by Zucca on Mar. 06 2008,21:11
Nice. Thanks! =)
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