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started by: W6LQR

Posted by W6LQR on Mar. 14 2008,04:32
Has anyone adapted either FLDIGI or gMFSK for DSL? I'd like to run MFSK and Hellschrieber modes like I do under Windoze.

73, Jerry

Posted by newby on Mar. 18 2008,14:43
Can't help you, but do want to encourage you.

Bringing in the ham community would be a real plus for DSL.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Mar. 22 2008,16:07

Message received .

An older version of FLDIGI looks like it might work.
Beginning with version 2.08 the older library dependency is updated to libc++-6.0.

gMFSK runs under Suse 8.2 ( at least earlier versions ) gtk2 ??

bk 2 u W6LQR de KE4NT <kn>

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