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started by: u2musicmike

Posted by u2musicmike on April 04 2008,22:00
Google Reader use to work with firefox but it quit.  Maybe a new version of firefox would have fixed it but that would probably slow down this old laptop.  I decided to try the Snownews.dsl.  It said in the info file that it would convert the OOXML file that I exported from Reader.  Anyway I downloaded snownews, put it in mydsl, and rebooted.  I opened a terminal, typed snownews, and the program started with errors.  I needed to change the permissions on the /home/dsl/.snownews directory and files to dsl staff.  After that it ran good but I couldn't find the import feature.  I went to the snownews web page and found out the import tool is actually a perl script.  I tried this script but it failed because of a missing lib.  I finally decided to open the OOXML file in Beaver to cut and paste my links into snownews using shift insert.  This worked great and snownews is really fast.  I soon discovered that I wanted to open items and to open links modify the /home/dsl/.snownews/browser file with a dillo %s line.
Posted by jpeters on April 05 2008,16:27
Have you tried the Wizz add-on?
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