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Topic: Unable to run gnumeric
started by: pcdoctor

Posted by pcdoctor on April 23 2008,23:10
I've looked for gnupg.dsl in version 4.25 and 4.3 but I can't locate it anywhere.  I've located gtk2-0705.dsl and gnu-utils.dsl but need gnupg.dsl in order to use gnumeric.  Thx as always!

I've installed the gtk version of gnumeric on my hd.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 23 2008,23:36
You can use a search via your favourite search engine, or via a net browser's search function, or via the (new) mydslbrowser.lua

There are some versions in testing, btw.

Posted by pcdoctor on April 23 2008,23:39
Posted by andrewb on April 24 2008,01:31
There are both dsl & unc versions available in the testing and unc sections of the repository respectively. They only require gtk2 to be loaded beforehand. See the info files. These versions have the files required from gnupg & gnu-utils included so neither of these extensions is required.
Posted by pcdoctor on April 24 2008,08:26
ok.  I had installed gnumeric that was listed in the gtk2 section.  I just installed gnumeric from the testing section and will try that.  thx.
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