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started by: W6LQR

Posted by W6LQR on May 27 2008,04:04
I have been trying to run the Ham Radio program XLog and looks like it is calling a file by the wrong name, or else the file is missing.

It says cannot open shared object file libXrandr.so.2

Thought I had copied the name wrong but went back and checked and that's what it said, "rand" not "rend".

Did find libXrender.so.1 and libXrender.so.1.2 so maybe it should have called one of them ?

I'm new to Linux so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks, Jerry

Posted by roberts on May 27 2008,04:45
You should find that in a gtk2 extension.
Posted by W6LQR on May 27 2008,13:07
Are you refering to gtk2-0705.dsl ?

thanks, Jerry

Posted by curaga on May 27 2008,13:27
It, or any other one should do
Posted by Juanito on May 27 2008,15:22
..or you can copy it out of the cairo-1.2.uci extension
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on May 27 2008,17:08
It's also in the xorg extension
Posted by ke4nt1 on May 28 2008,03:04
I sent you an email on that missing lib, Jerry,

If you still have issues getting it running, let me know,
and I'll send you the 2 files and instructions on where
to place them, and how to deal with adding them to your OS.

Once you add the lib(s) in question, and get past the error
messages, you may find you have others missing.

Did you try roberts suggestion, and add the gtk2 extension?


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