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started by: meo

Posted by meo on June 03 2008,18:23
Hi guys!

I just have tried the MyDSL Browser but I always get the error message "Cannot read database mydslinfo.bz2" and that's it. How does this app work? Right now I'm using an usb-stick with DSL 4.4RC2 on it (the embedded variant). I start with: "dsl fromhd=/dev/sda1 frugal". Any help appreciated.

Have fun out there wherever you are,

Posted by lucky13 on June 03 2008,19:46
Please use the RC thread for RC issues. This has already been mentioned there.
Posted by meo on June 04 2008,04:48

Well, since it occurs the same way in DSL 4.3 (which I'm using now) I didn't think it was an RC issue.

Have fun out there with DSL,

Posted by mikshaw on June 04 2008,13:03
It isn't an RC issue. The database included an improperly written info,which apparently prevented the "Current:" line from being found. Roberts has since fixed it.

I think the browser should be improved in this respect, though, to check for the existence of the desired strings before trying to use them.

Also might be a good idea to improve the info file template found in the wiki. The date format shows mm/dd/yyyy when it should be yyyy/mm/dd, and there is an optional  "Filesize:" line supported by mydslBrowser.  The "------" separator causes some email clients to label the file a virus, so I've started writing my own info files to use "Filesize: XXX --------------" instead of the standard separator....maybe there is a better alternative.

Posted by meo on June 04 2008,14:38
Hi mikshaw!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Keep on having fun developing DSL,

Posted by lucky13 on June 04 2008,14:40
I used an existing info file as the template. The first version Robert posted was edited from what I submitted; I don't know if it was something I did or he did.

...maybe there is a better alternative.

Separate strings for file size and color without extraneous characters.

Posted by meo on June 04 2008,17:39

If you have ideas or suggestions please post them where they belong.

Have fun with this remarcable distro,

Posted by lucky13 on June 04 2008,19:01
It was asked here, I answered here. Get over it.
Posted by roberts on June 04 2008,20:58
I am open to modifying the template, but let's wait until I get tiny core out. That way mikshaw can then make further modifications as necessary from the mods that I needed to make it work with tiny core.
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