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started by: shek196

Posted by shek196 on June 06 2008,09:28

I checked in the file manager on DSL but couldn't find the folder called "My Document" in it.

I refer to the folder which I have in the Windows Explorer of Microsoft platform.

I found that the file naming system is very different from Microsoft, is that correct to say that?

Can someone direct me to that fold please???


Posted by Juanito on June 06 2008,09:38
The system of files/folders in dsl looks diferent to that of windows.

Roughly speaking, the folder /home/dsl is the equivalent of \My Documents - if you want to navigate to the windows folder, you will need to figure out what the windows hd is called under dsl, usually something like /mnt/hda1. Once you have found the hd, you will need to mount it and then you should find the folder as /mnt/hda1/My Documents

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