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started by: och

Posted by och on July 03 2008,06:53
Is there  a trick to get a logfile for MyCron without modifying /etc/init.d/dsl-fonctions (and putting it in filetool.lst)? I dont find this way very clean.
Posted by och on July 03 2008,06:58
/etc/init.d/dsl-config ! Sorry...
Posted by chaostic on July 03 2008,10:54
"killall /usr/local/bin/MyCron"
"/usr/bin/nohup /usr/local/bin/MyCron -i"
to either /opt/
or even .xinitrc

But is prefered.

Posted by lucky13 on July 03 2008,12:38
to either /opt/
or even .xinitrc

But is prefered.

I know a lot (most?) users only run in X and technically starting such processes from .xinitrc may work, but it's a really bad idea to use .xinitrc for spawning daemons or processes unrelated to the X environment. No X, whether intentional or from a crash, means daemons or child processes started from .xinitrc will cease to run. Or worse, they're not stopped correctly or "gracefully" while doing something. May not be as bad with cron (as long as it's not executing something) as it is for other things like a printer daemon or sshd.

(Edit: Changed ssh to sshd for clarification, though some also prefer to ssh from console so as to not tie connection to another machine to an X session.)

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