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Topic: Running a stoneage Libretto 100CT, DSL PDA-like:
started by: phonky

Posted by phonky on July 19 2008,14:24
Hey folks

I successfully installed DSL 3.4 on a toshiba libretto 100ct, running with a Pentium MMX 166MHz with 64 MB RAM. I am so proud and happy!!!  :cool:
Thank you DSL folks.

The thing is I am thinking of taking this cute little thing on backpacking travels, where I could do some journaling and email writing on the road. If the device gets stolen or it breaks - I will I think it could be a valuable companion!

The DSL software compilation is already great. I will probably by a PCMCIA usb ports extension in order to be able to upload emails in internet cafes.

However, I am dreaming of a PDA kind of usage of my puppy. With a battery life of 2.5h to 3h and a screen size of 7.1" I guess I could love it...

So I am really asking for suggestions on really cool apps for my little cutie, like todo list managers, calendars, etc. but with the ease of use of a PDA.

Any suggestion is highly welcomed.

Thank you so much

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