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started by: Big_Pc_Man

Posted by Big_Pc_Man on Sep. 02 2008,14:40
It seems like the * wild card character no longer works in filetool.lst in 4.4.4. For instance, I have been using /etc/ssh/*key* to save ssh key files. I looked in the backup.tar.gz archive and sure enough the key files are not backed up anymore. I'm not sure which version of dsl lost this capability.
Posted by roberts on Sep. 02 2008,16:33
filetool.lst is just a list of files. It is not a script and tar via the -T option does not preform any preprocessing, only files and directories are supported with the -T option.

You can easily expand your target into a  list via:

cd /
find etc/ssh/*key* >> /opt/.filetool.lst

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