Has anyone tried TRANSMISSION under DSL?

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Topic: Has anyone tried TRANSMISSION under DSL?
started by: gizmomelb

Posted by gizmomelb on Nov. 08 2008,13:25
Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has had any luck installing and running the TRANSMISSION bittorrent client under DSL?

< http://www.transmissionbt.com/ >

I'm interested in installing DSL on my Compaq EVO T20 thin client and running TRANSMISSION on it for low power torrenting :)

Just wondered if anyone had already tried doing similar?


Posted by chaostic on Nov. 08 2008,18:30
Have you tried rtorrent for your low power torrenting needs?
Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 21 2008,20:44
I use bittornado which is in the mydsl repository

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