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started by: Vacendak

Posted by Vacendak on Nov. 13 2003,06:34
OK so I did a HD install then I did the firebird thing and it crashed non-stop so I got frustrated and installed Mozilla which has crashed  as much as Firebird to make me wonder what is going on? I  was running Morphix on this box with no problems but wanted something smaller and bettter( i.e.DSL) anybody else having this problem  and what do we need to do to FIX it.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 13 2003,07:31
You might be running out of memory. I would start by looking at how much memory your system has and do you have a swap file?
Posted by Vacendak on Nov. 13 2003,20:39
Duh I'm an idiot. Thanks  Roberts created a swap partition and that seems to have solved the problem
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