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started by: lorryballantyne

Posted by lorryballantyne on Nov. 11 2005,05:23
OK, I have no internet connection for DSL, because I have a Conexant dial-up modem and I have downloaded some files I wanted to install onto DSL, so that means I cannot use MyDSL, Enable Apt or Synaptic.
So (right now i feel stupid :D ) could someone explain to me what to do?
such as like this....
right click on the desktop, go to Apps > Tools > blah blah. then type this and that ENTER then that then this....

:laugh: Ya know? lol
oh yeah, I have some apps already downloaded onto my harddrive waiting to be installed (/hda/Linux/file.dsl)

Posted by adssse on Nov. 11 2005,13:54
Well if you already have some .dsl, .uci etc. files on your hd than you can install those. Right click, app->tools->emelfm->emelfm. Once in emelfm navigat to your .dsl file, click on it to select it and than click the 'myDSL' buttton towards the top in the center. Now when you right click the desktop it should show up under myDSL. Hope that helps.
Posted by lorryballantyne on Nov. 11 2005,20:04
OK i tried installing Mplayer, I downloaded the .dsl, .dsl.md5 & the .dsl.txt files. I did what u told me to do and it seems to be installed, but when i click on the desktop icon nothing happens.

It says in emelFM when i click on the desktop Mplayer icon
"Cannot allocate color"

Posted by lorryballantyne on Nov. 12 2005,20:30
ok, i was able to install LinCity, Root-kit Hunter and mplayer-xfree86.tar.gz

but on mplayer it cannot find the video-out

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