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Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 11 2005,15:37
DSL, being a minimalist distro is not exactly a friendly environment for compiling programs.

This is because DSL contains many partial or incomplete libraries, due to the removal of unneeded parts of these libraries that are not needed in the base iso.

If you experience problems compiling in DSL, we recommend the following.

1. Make sure that common library and system extensions are loaded.

Install the gnu-utils, dpkg, gcc1, gtk2, tcl/tk, as well as any other system extensions in order to provide as many libraries as possible for your compiler to use.

2. Use apt to get needed libraries.

dpkg can be an indesposible tool to the source compiler in DSL. Learn how to use it.

3. Compile in another distro.  

Most any distro that uses kernel 2.4 series kernel (2.4.26 for 0.8 - 1.5, 2.4.31 for 2.0+), gtk1.2.x, gcc 2.95, perl 5.8, and glibc 2.3.x can be used to build applications for use in DSL.

4. Use an older version of the software.

Many newer versions of software need newer, heavier libraries or kernel (i.e. newer glibc, 2.6.x kernel, perl 6, etc), but older versions can provide similar functionality using the existing DSL base.

5. Use an alternate program.

So your favorite program that does X still won't build in DSL? Try an alternate program. For practically every program out there, there is a competing program that offers similar functionality. Use this as an opportunity to learn to use alternate tools.

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