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started by: Grim

Posted by Grim on Dec. 23 2005,07:42
< Netrik > seems to be picking up where hacked-links left off.  Has anyone tried it? Has it been around forever and I'm just now noticing it (very probable)?
Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 27 2005,18:06
Seems interesting.

I liked links-hacked because I grew up on the lynx keybindings and did not have to re-learn how to go to a link or to download a  link for example.

I wonder how netrik compares sizewize to links

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 27 2005,22:25
Very small....netrik 1.15.3 is 79k stripped, compared to nearly 1mb for links =o)

I haven't tried it in DSL yet, so i don't know what additional files it may need...i'll do that before the end of the night.

One thing I've noticed so far is that it needs to be told not to force colors if you use a dark terminal, but that's no biggie.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Dec. 27 2005,23:20
( off topic )

Hey Grim.

A pleasure to see your post in here..
Hope all is OK ??



Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 28 2005,00:40
Initial impression: This is a really nice browser for its size.  I'd like to see some of what I'd consider "essential" features added, such as a status bar for displaying things like the URL of the highlighted link rather than needing to hit an additional key to see where you'll go, and there doesn't seem to be any way to manage non-text objects...if you hit a link to an image, for example, it just tries to display it in the pager rather than allowing you to save it.  I don't see anything about cookies either, so it might not be terribly useful for online forums.

It does work in DSL without additional dependencies, so that's super cool.

Posted by vees on Dec. 28 2005,05:23
Quote (ke4nt1 @ Dec. 27 2005,18:20)
( off topic )

Hey Grim.

A pleasure to see your post in here..
Hope all is OK ??



(also off topic)

Hey ke4nt1,

I sent you a PM and an email.  Did you get them?  I am still very interested in your offer of a myDSL DVD/CD.  Does you offer still stand?



Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 28 2005,19:37
A basic text browser is more important that a cookie-enabled one that can be used to work the forums.

I would rather have both but given base ISO size limitations a non-cookie text browser is better than no text browser at all.

On the other hand, if cookies could be enabled for a few measly additional KB of program space, that would be cool too.

Posted by John on Dec. 30 2005,04:36
Hi Grim...

There is also < retawq > which seems to be a parallel project with similar aims.  Both are quite small.  I think they are both usable, but are really different creatures than Links-Hacked, or eLinks -- both of those have excellent table rendering.

That said, I agree with you Cbagger01, and Netrik is usable.

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