iDisk Diamond for dsl.

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Topic: iDisk Diamond for dsl.
started by: Caspar_s

Posted by Caspar_s on Dec. 31 2005,16:23
So has anybody shelled out the $79 bucks for this 128mb usb key?

Before you comment on the price, look at the pictures!

< >

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 31 2005,20:30
I think I'd rather get the similar PQI iStick 1GB key.

Similar in concept:

< >

Posted by Caspar_s on Jan. 01 2006,20:49
That must be five times the size!

Hmm, 8 times the space, for $10 less! :D

Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 03 2006,11:15
I dunno. Still looks pretty small to me:

Posted by hs7sv on Jan. 03 2006,13:54
I'm using it, iStick 256MB. It's very small and works with DSL very well. iStick Pro 1GB should be better. I will buy it if it is available in Malaysia.
Posted by kAyway8 on Jan. 09 2006,01:16
i got a 1 gig sandisk micro curzer and its small
Posted by Radieon on Feb. 08 2006,00:02
I use the cruzer micro 512M. Pretty nice, since my lexar 128m flopped out on me a couple of days ago.  Sad, I was deleting old backup files before it stopped working.
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