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Topic: Documentary on the Linux Explosion
started by: doobit

Posted by doobit on Feb. 08 2006,18:51
Actually, I don't know if this exists. I'd like to produce it though, so I'm looking around to see if there is any interest in seeing such a video. Would you watch it if it showed up on HBO, or NOVA, or the Discovery Channel?
Posted by Guest on Feb. 08 2006,23:49
Please produce for Nova/PBS; I don't subscribe to a cable service.
Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 09 2006,02:37
I'm going to venture a guess that practically everyone here would enjoy something like that. Any time I hear the word "Linux" on TV (which is very, very seldom) my ears perk up.
Posted by green on Feb. 09 2006,03:37
Git'er done.
Posted by doobit on Feb. 09 2006,13:43
I've been sending out proposals already, and have gotten some replies. I think it would be of interest to anyone who uses a computer, but I tend to have a higher interest than the general public when it comes to computers, so I'm afraid I'm biased. There have been a mountain of reports in journals and news magazines, like Time, Wired, etc., but I have yet to see anything on television. US news seems to have no real interest yet, so I'm hoping to get the jump on them.
Posted by adssse on Feb. 09 2006,20:21
I would love to watch something like that. As mikshaw said its very seldom you here about linux on tv, but its about time we here more.
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