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started by: newOldUser

Posted by newOldUser on May 15 2006,16:00
Just wanted to make sure you've all noticed the new link on the DSL website:

< >

It's called "John's guide to earning an income from a Free and Open Source project"

I haven't read it all yet because I'm having some access problems. Not sure which end is having the problem. I'll try again later.

One quick thing I noticed is that I always have to come back to the table of contents to go to the next section. It would be nice to have a link in each section to the next/prev one.

Looking forward to reading it and any comments the community may have.

Posted by humpty on May 18 2006,01:22
I read it, it shows okay. yes you have to have two windows open and drag the links to the other window.


It's useful info for workaholic developers, and it's true what it says about active revenue being the graft. I have a friend that runs a part time business on ebay, he works his arse off clicking on the net, printing labels, shipping orders, getting screwed by paypal,..etc.etc.. but he loves it.

it's not for me though, cos i'm a lazy bum :p

Posted by John on May 18 2006,05:49
Its a work in progress, I'll add some navigation links soon.  Thank you for reading the guide, I hope some out there find it useful.
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