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started by: desnotes

Posted by desnotes on June 15 2006,22:38
I am all for supporting open source software. I evaluate many distros and contibute to some also. I know how hard it is for he small groups to make money in order to just pay for the servers an the bandwidth. All that said, I personally think it was a cheap shot whn I read the following google ad:

DSL too small? Try Slax -
Slax is powerfull, fast and cool! Just in 190MB, fits every pocket.

Any other opinions?


Posted by kerry on June 16 2006,01:42
Sounds okay to me, they don't actually put down DSL. I think Slax and DSL have alot in common, but are both very different. I've tried slax a couple of times but just really didn't like it. I see no problems in doing a little advertizing, all though i don't see much of it cause of adblock and flash being turned off. :D
Posted by ZoOp on June 16 2006,09:46

I was also a bit shocked when I saw this advertising the first time.
The formulation is all but fortunate: it compares two distros that are not comparable, have different concepts, purposes for different needs of users. It seems to me like the post in the forum encouraging us in voting against Ubuntu.

Does anybody know if the team of Slax know about this add?


Posted by u2musicmike on June 16 2006,19:17
I haven't seen this yet but I think it just shows how popular DSL is when other Distros are envious
Posted by AwPhuch on June 16 2006,22:13
P.S.  Its called advertising...John is making money just to keep the site and stuff was an advert on a rolling list is all


Posted by 300c_pilot on June 17 2006,04:32
Just means that if everyone that uses DSL, gave the project a dollar. John would not need a day job.

Please Donate! :D

Posted by green on June 20 2006,01:40
Slax Sux.
But that's just me.  :)

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