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Topic: PayPal
started by: newby

Posted by newby on Aug. 16 2006,01:04
I was going to purchase a CD, but thought, 'Maybe I should check out these PayPal folks."

Google revealed a swarm of pissed-off people revealing outrageous practices by PayPal.

How about a merchant account with a bank that has to follow banking laws?

Posted by nickelplated on Aug. 16 2006,08:09
Oh hell yeah. Paypal sucks so much, I could go on and on about their horrible service total unconcern for wanting to fix a problem with their service that caused my account to be suspended with no way for me to re-open it, for no good reason. Now I have no way of accessing the money that's still in there, and they won't do anything about it. Those guys are dicks.
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