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started by: Bull Moose

Posted by Bull Moose on Jan. 06 2007,16:05
I'm now registered and pleased to become associated with the highly successful Dam Small Linux.  I've read many positive comments regarding DSL, and note the Linux community maintains high regard for your DSL Development Team.

DSL current verision completed down load and will burn to disk.  DSL's first job: Attempt connection to Verizon dsl.  Machine:  125mb - 1000mhtz Pasario. Netgear NIC.  Adapter RealTek.

Thank you all for your good work

Posted by Bull Moose on Jan. 07 2007,16:49

Frankly I was getting just a "very" little burned out.  But, DSL has has given me new interest in study and learning.  For that I'll always be grateful. So many things excite me about your DSL it will take sometime to sort out where to begin.

A final note on the Pasario and Verizon dsl.  Microsoft Widows Millennium is installed on Pasario.  I have an Actiontec GT704WG four port router, and connect two other computers to the router.  The two computers work well with the router, but Pasario with its Millennium OS would not connect....UNTIL NOW.  DSL connects Pasario to the internet.    DSLs' light weight and  speed is simply a joy and makes these old computers functional once again.

Thank you once again for making it all possible.

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