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Topic: My server is up
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,16:42
Couple of days ago I was bored, so for fun I put up a server ;)
Took some days to get creative enough to create a minimal site though..

Just because I could, I gave myself a top security SSL cert (256bit aes/1024bit rsa) and made my server always encrypted, even if you go to http:// :D

It's slightly empty-ish, but you can find plans for ucDSL there.

PS: please click "if you trust me" on the first page, to accept my root certificate. Thanks!

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,16:44
Oh, as I don't consider myself even a poor developer yet, but a poor student, it will turn itself off for nights (at 23:00). I'll turn it on in the mornings if I remember, so if you can't access, don't fret..

Gotta save some electricity, right Lucky?

Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 05 2007,20:03
Gotta save some electricity, right Lucky?

Sure, save a polar bear. Is that 2300 your time or UTC (if you're not UTC yourself)?

Posted by curaga on Aug. 06 2007,14:56
My time. Gmt+2, but currently in DST which would make it gmt+3.

I'd rather save a penguin, but if a polar bear comes with it (not eating the penguin though ;) it's fine by me :)

Posted by curaga on Aug. 06 2007,15:01
I'd also like comments on uClibc DSL in this thread, pretty much nothing's decided yet
Posted by stupid_idiot on Aug. 14 2007,13:06
Hi Curaga; I am thinking:
(1) Catalogue DSL, get the whole picture (how everything fits together).
(2) Adapt the build method (LFS with modifications??) to (1).
How about you?

Posted by curaga on Aug. 14 2007,13:33
I'm not really sure about what you mean with that cataloguing, could you explain?
Posted by stupid_idiot on Aug. 14 2007,16:54
Meaning, account for every file - what it does, which software package it belongs to. And from this, a schematic of the whole distro. Of course, I've never actually built/remastered a distro before - please feel free to disagree. I thought it was natural to have an overall checklist - that's how you get 'practically a 100% clone', right?
(Oops, the above is assuming a straight-forward  clone of DSL 3.x.)

Posted by curaga on Aug. 14 2007,18:26
I ain't going for a clone, but for something my own, that will keep only the best :)
Posted by curaga on Aug. 14 2007,18:29
"We are Lower your prices, surrender your code. We will take the best of your code and embed it into ours. We shall flourish into eternity. Resistence is futile"
Posted by florian on Aug. 14 2007,20:50
I thought you wanted to create a uclibc built of DSL. But it seems you're trying to create a new Linux distribution, not just a DSL flavour.
Posted by stupid_idiot on Aug. 14 2007,23:02
Which parts do you think should be kept, and which should be left out?
Posted by curaga on Aug. 15 2007,14:50
It will be a DSL fork, a "flavour", but not a clone, it will have my touch on it..

@stupid_idiot: All I have planned is on my server, I'll update the page when I think of anything

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