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started by: soinsg

Posted by soinsg on Dec. 16 2003,23:46
I tried DSL and liked it, but I wanted something with gcc so I got < vector linux >. It has fluxbox and I wanted so I can get to my CD's and partitions easily.

So I went to got the 2.7 source, configured, got libPropList, configured that and make/make install'd that. Then make make install'd Now when I run from a shell it says it can't find, now what do I do? I used root to do the make install parts. I would paste the whole error message here but copy/paste in a shell doesn't seem to work while in a GUI.

Edit: Fixed one issue by accident. menu -> workspaces -> icons to restore minimised windows.

Posted by John on Dec. 17 2003,03:04
Could be that you have a different build number for the same lib.  As root try:
ldconfig -p | grep libPropList

If not, you need to find the Vector package with it included.

Posted by soinsg on Dec. 17 2003,09:16
I was told by someone in #linuxhelp that I didn't need to reboot after making the lib. Anyway it seemed to work this morning. I also tried ldconfig as well, here is what I get: (libc6) => /usr/local/lib/ (libc6) => /usr/local/lib/

How come I only see my floppy and CD-ROM in the dockapp? Is there something I need to add to the boot script so it can find my FAT32 and Linux partitions? I will read the docs on this later.

Posted by John on Dec. 19 2003,07:19
You will probably have to edit  /etc/fstab, you may want to boot DSL and then take a loot at that file to get an idea of the proper syntax to use.

Will be something like this:
/dev/hda2       /mnt/win    vfat        users,owner,ro,umask=000        0   0

Posted by Gilbert Ashley on Dec. 22 2003,00:42 has a companion program called mount.conf that reads your /etc/fstab file. Edit fstab and then restart x in oreder for it to pick up the new entries.
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