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started by: soinsg

Posted by soinsg on Jan. 23 2004,21:17
I accidentally moved a window (firebird) off the top of the screen by shading it in fluxbox. The only thing to think of (short of rebooting) is to get a pager, what was the pager that comes with DSL? I can't find anything that looks like a wmpager in the packages list.
Posted by John on Jan. 24 2004,08:57
It is called bbpager.
Posted by Rapidweather on Jan. 24 2004,21:42
I have found bbpager in the menu, but when I click on it, the cd drive spins some, but I cannot find a pager. I have some experience with FVWM, and in that, I have a six-desktop pager that autohides behind the windows, and a floating menu like fluxbox has in DSL. I made a bunch of .fvwm2rc's over a year or so, so I miss a pager of some sort. Another thing I hear people talking about is the "Slit" I cannot
find that, either.  ???

Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 25 2004,05:33
For my computer on DSL 0.5.2, the bbpager appears as a rectangle in the lower left corner when you run "Enhance". It shows the contents of 3 workspaces. The slit appears in the lower right corner and it contains the mount app, the cpu and network usage monitors.
Posted by Rapidweather on Jan. 25 2004,22:44
Missing Pager:
My problem was my screen resolution. my virtual screen was much larger than my viewable screen, and the tip-off was that the penguin was not centered on the screen.
Fixed that with:
boot: knoppiix vga=789     (I think the default is 791)
at boot time. Now the pager shows up, and the penguin is centered.
While I was at it, I rewrote the /home/damnsmall/.blackboxrc file, and a
copy is here:
< >
To try this file out on your system, just view the page in MozillaFirebird,
save the page, and then in a terminal:
#cp blackboxrc .blackboxrc
Then restart fluxbox, and you'll have the new setup. The pager autohides, and will be at the top of your screen. Bring the cursor up there, and it'll appear.
Be sure and add .blackboxrc to your filetool.lst on your  USB stick or floppy.
If you have MozillaFirebird, you'll need a stick.
This setup is useful if you cannot get "vga=789" per above to work, and you
are stuck with an off-center penguin.    :;):

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