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started by: sobie

Posted by sobie on Jan. 09 2004,19:21
does anyone know of a decent avi player thats precomiled?
Posted by ImNotHere on Jan. 10 2004,03:49
I think that there are packages for Mplayer and Xine.
If you want a standalone media player you could always use GeeXbox or Movix for a good avi/divx/mp3 Live-Cd distro.
I always like build video players from SRC becuase, I think they run faster that way, more optimized or something... DSL comes with a mpeg player, but no avi player. Another thing to consider is video codecs, becuase there are a ton of differnt ones.....

Posted by Del on Jan. 10 2004,06:04
Edit /etc/apt/sources.list to get from 'unstable'. Then, apt-get install xine-ui
Posted by Stu Pidasso on Jan. 21 2004,06:50
try VLC   < VLC >

precompiles available for many distros (incl Debian) and source too.  also, many codecs avaialble.

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