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started by: thesumis41666

Posted by thesumis41666 on Aug. 02 2004,18:49
feel free to say why you chose
Posted by nsa84 on Aug. 02 2004,21:31
My computer, jsut play anything......  
but i'm very sorry about the game there are for the linux enviroment....
but hey it's getting better and better.....

And how should we let microsux live. :) (DUAL boot works greet)

Posted by Del on Aug. 08 2004,03:36
I hardly ever play PC games. I voted for Nintendo since an old NES is the next console I'll be buying. I currently have an Atari 7800 that still works great (after the dust is blown off). My PSOne mostly sits in the closet, haven't played it in several years. I also have < one of these > which gets more use than anything.
Posted by John on Aug. 08 2004,07:58
atari was the last system I had  :)
Posted by jerome5 on Aug. 31 2004,06:25
I voted pc. But...

Any super nintendo/genesis emulator can do it.

I currently run a dreamsnes on my dreamcast.

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 31 2004,12:58
The first game to which i was addicted was centepede....that roller ball just made sense.  Now the mouse and keyboard are like the descendants of the centepede controls.

Posted by clacker on Dec. 05 2004,20:53
say what you want, but I voted XBox because of Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 2.  I know playstation 2 is great as well, and I think Playstation 3 will blow XBox out of the water (but that isn't out yet).  I like the fact the the controller has three motion controls, four buttons, and two triggers.  I aalso like the graphics and the gameplay.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 05 2004,22:18

No NeoGeo!?

Posted by ryptyde on Dec. 07 2004,01:45
My favorite game was "Risky Rescue" that was played on an Atari 400 (modifed with an enhanced keyboard).
The wife and I spent many hours copying code from "Antic" magazine to tape drive and were thrilled when
the game started and was playable.Pong was the dumbest game "console" I owned but what the heck
you have to start somewhere eh!

< Atari_Antic magazine cover >

Posted by clivesay on Dec. 07 2004,16:51
I can still remember when my dad shelled out nearly $300 for the "LATEST"  :D  game system available.....Intellivision.

I thought that was the greatest game console ever. A few family members got a console and we would get together and have all kinds of tournaments.

I haven't done much gaming since those days. I guess I would be considered "old school"  :)


Posted by ke4nt1 on Dec. 14 2004,03:43
I LOVED the intellivision game B-17 Bomber !!
with Intellivoice !!

" bandits ....  3 o'clock "

bang! bang! bang!  "richochet"

Diagonal shots in windows...

Shot down in Flames !!


Posted by hasty on Dec. 14 2004,22:15
Love the use of voice commands for flight-sims.
My family look sadly at me playing with headphones and microphone shouting
"chaff chaff flares" :)

Even got the voice commands to work with my accounts proggy, but thats another story........

Posted by rossjman1 on Jan. 17 2005,20:16
Hard to choose between Sega Genisis or Pc(dos/windows)... I voted for sega.
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