Where did you first hear about DSL?

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Topic: Where did you first hear about DSL?
started by: SaidinUnleashed

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 12 2004,05:03
Just though it would be interesting to see how we all found DSL!

I first found 0.4.10 from DistroWatch.

Been hooked ever since.

Posted by xfireman on Dec. 12 2004,05:26
i first found it from the site ........ but i forgot
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 12 2004,05:42
I was looking on DistroWatch for something that I could easily download through a dialup connection, particularly one that had Fluxbox, Vim and Midnight Commander.   That was DSL v0.7.2.  I've paid extra attention to it because of the myDSL system.
Posted by libretto on Dec. 12 2004,14:13
I found it on the distributions page of linux.org. I was looking for a little Linux distro to get my teeth into.
Posted by ico2 on Dec. 12 2004,16:18
had it reccomended on motherboards.org after my failed attempts at downloading knoppix over dialup.
Posted by DonttPanic on Dec. 13 2004,03:36
I found it on linux.org when I was looking for a linux distro to start with. It looked pretty easy to use and didnt look like it needed as much in system requirements as other distros, but still offered a decent number of features. I was amazed when I first started, which was in 0.7.2, because a day or two afterwards, a new version was released.
Posted by AwPhuch on Dec. 13 2004,17:05
0.5.1, not sure where I heard about it, but have been using it off and on for quite a while now

Im too chicken to just go balls to the wall Linux desktop...but when I get the chance I use it


Posted by clacker on Dec. 13 2004,20:53
I found it through the Knoppix page.  I was attracted to the small size (not something you hear every day) and I thought I'd give it a chance.  I've been pleased with it ever since.
Posted by codestorm on Dec. 13 2004,22:30
I found it under the chair leg.

I was sitting on the chair and wondering why it was rocking and wouldn't sit correctly. I looked under the legs and found this funny little CD under a leg. Put it in the computer, and the rest is history . o O ( or perhaps future, from the perspective of the story? )

Seriously, I have *no* idea where I found it.

Posted by Del on Dec. 14 2004,04:57
I think I first saw it at < Freshmeat >, but I'm not totally sure. Seems like it was version 0.5.3.
Posted by Bidi on Dec. 24 2004,03:19
To tell you the truth I can't really remember how I eventually got here.  All I remember is that I was at work and I was doing what I do best there: nothing (I get to do that a lot cause I work for a College).  Anyway, that was a good day.
Posted by Alisdair Kelly on Dec. 25 2004,02:46
I found DSL by word of mouth. An associate who monitors Freshmeat posted something about it in a thread on a private server that I inhabit. This would have been DSL 0.4 or thereabouts. Didn't do much with it other than run as liveCD till version 0.73.
Posted by Fordi on Jan. 03 2005,15:23
I discovered it at 4.(something) when I was looking for small liveCDs.  I wanted something I could install in under a gig.
Posted by Mechcozmo on Jan. 14 2005,04:09
Google! :cool:
Posted by mpie on Jan. 14 2005,11:47
Linux format mag ......june last year my first bite of linux, and the onlt distro than booted on the atticware i was using at the time!!!!
Posted by cooler on Jan. 14 2005,20:42
I heard about it on a programming forum I'm a member of.
Posted by noclobber on Jan. 14 2005,21:21
I was looking for a GUI OS alternative to Windows 95 (i.e. something smaller, faster, more stable, more secure) that I could install on an old, tiny, slow 486 PC.  Did a Google search for "tiny Linux distro" or something to that effect, and came up with DSL 0.7.2 along with a few other distros.  I was impressed with the Live CD approach (didn't know those existed beforehand) as well as DSL's customization capabilities and forum support.
Posted by MarkW on Jan. 16 2005,22:49
I found a reference to DSL on the Kanotix forum. I downloaded it and tried it ( with a little help from my friends - here ).
 And here I am.

Posted by stella106 on Jan. 20 2005,18:14
found references  about DSL on Italian PC online magazine..."SwZone" when 0.9.1 has been released.

Posted by Patrick on Jan. 21 2005,13:20
I was using puppy-linux when i found a link there to DSL
Posted by Neilo on Jan. 23 2005,20:35
I was telling a friend that I found a good use for my spare PI 166 I have in my bedroom, remote desktop to my main pc (when i get it...). He suggested I stick a small linux distro on it and use rdesktop. He told me where to find DSL, I couldnt be bothered to download it, I ordered the business card cd (cool looking!), tested it on my laptop, liked it, tried to install it on here, forgot to make seperate partition for it, lost everything on the laptop, and im here on DSL as we speak! Next step is to hunt out my wireless card so I don't need to run my external modem.
Posted by Modrak on Jan. 28 2005,16:27
Found DSL 0.3.6 on friends share on DC++...downloaded 0.4.7 from this web:)
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Jan. 28 2005,19:40
I really hope you aren't still running 0.4.x. :D
Posted by edmunday35 on Feb. 10 2005,19:37
:p  I was looking for a faster dl mirror for knoppix ( I am not sure where I found Knoppix but it will come to me later) and stumbled across DSL and was interested in something small in a working os.
I am impressed with the ability of it but most of the puters that I am curently have m$ installed But I am working on that   :cool:

Posted by mage492 on Feb. 15 2005,03:08
You guys might get a kick out of this...

At one point, I had gotten the idea into my head to create an "e-ring", for my significant other (cd = ring-shaped).  It would be a bootable cd, which would bring up a web browser with web pages about cool places we had been, etc.

Needless to say, I needed something to use as a starting point.  So, I started looking online for a small live-cd to base it on.  Thus, I found DSL.  (It was in the 0.3.x stage.)

Sadly, the project fell by the wayside, but since I'm typing this from an OmniTech running DS, I think it's safe to say that DSL has kept my interest.  Given that I'm also currently running a webserver on DSL... :-)

Posted by dougvega on Feb. 15 2005,11:50
I was looking for a small enough debian based a-la-knoppix distro to install in low power computers (pent ones)  for schools   with low budget .
since then I have put together a minilab using skolelinux as a thin client server and DSL as a thinclient back-up-OS in case the network fails (DSL actually runs faster by itself than as a thinclient from the server)

Posted by 1337_|-|@X0R on Feb. 25 2005,06:45
I heard of it from a friends back when I was no to the whole Linux thing. I didn't like windows and I was looking to go into linux and he suggested I get started on D.S.L. Biggest problem was I was used to windows and didn't know what the risks of turning your computer off prematurly were :/
Posted by noordinaryspider on Mar. 05 2005,18:32
I met Aw Phuch (Brian) on the newbie forum at LinuxLinks when I was setting up my first Linux box, a Dell DimV400, Pentium II, 256 MB RAM, with Mandrake 10.1 and I'm sure I was insufferable; my forum manners leave something to be desired when I get so excited about something I know so little about. I had been wanting to make the switch from Micro$oft™ to Linux for quite awhile, but was afraid so I wound up getting that PII for $30 on eBay for the specific purpose of attempting to run Mandrake and was shocked to find that I prefered it to my year old Compaq Presario S5000NX running XP.

In the course of my excessive chattering, I mentioned my (ir)rational (depending on your attitude towards very old but very solid hardware) attachment to what is now my DSL box, a Gateway P5-166, 48 MB RAM which was my very first internet capable computer and served me heroically running Win98SE when I was too stupid to know any better.

I also mentioned that the abovementioned faithful servant/hunk of old iron is downright modern compared to some of the machines I work on for the more financially disadvantaged residents of my hometown. I was interested in putting older versions of Mandrake on the donations to my local community community college's flea market this summer when Brian mentioned that DSL would be a better idea.

I remained skeptical for awhile but ordered several copies of the CD to be snail mailed to myself and other family members and began lurking on the DSL forums.

Yesterday, I just plain got impatient waiting for the mailman and sucessfully downloaded the ISO on dial-up and burned it. There were no coasters involved at all, just a BIOS problem and another minor issue with my communication skills which Brian cleared right up last night. My Gateway is now on the internet and running DSL beautifully, with no struggles remaining other than minor filesharing issues less than 24 hours after I started the download. :D

I look foward to putting DSL on even less likely PCs in the future for folks who stand far more to gain and to give than my illustrious self.

Posted by montag211 on Mar. 18 2005,08:02
i goggled linux minimal and guess what came out???  dsl !!
Posted by WoofyDugfock on Mar. 20 2005,12:47
I first found it with google while fleeing windows -- I was looking to try a linux distro that would be small enough to download over my usually slow connection.  50mB takes about 2-3 hours, so a 600mB Knoppix or something was just out of the question (I get those from someone else's connection).

Perhaps because it was my first and I'm comfortable with the directory structure and emelfm etc, I prefer it to knoppix and kannotix, which seem big and complicated (and too big to boot toram).  And I'm not mad about konqueror as a file manager or web browser really.

Posted by noordinaryspider on Mar. 20 2005,16:10
Perhaps because it was my first and I'm comfortable with the directory structure and emelfm etc, I prefer it to knoppix and kannotix, which seem big and complicated (and too big to boot toram).  And I'm not mad about konqueror as a file manager or web browser really.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes Konqueror; it's way too big and clumsy for the kind of hardware I prefer to run.

Hopefully I'll be doing a hard drive install or two of DSL in the next few weeks and if all goes well a lot of folks will be enjoying PCs that would otherwise be sent to the dump.

...um....my vague sentence structure is intentional; am I talking about the people or their PCs? I'm not sure you really want to know...I know for a fact that I don't....

I live in an economically depressed rural area with extremely high dump fees. I know I ask dumb questions and have a lot to learn, but I'm so close to realizing a dream now that I can almost touch it.....

Posted by muellerr1 on April 26 2005,14:34
I saw something about Metropipe's distro on /. and tried it out because I liked the idea of a persistent desktop between work and home; at home I could boot from the USB drive and at work I could run the same OS in qemu under Windows.  

I didn't like some of the things about Metropipe's version so I did some poking around and discovered that it was really just DSL.  I got 1.0 mostly figured out inside a week and got totally hooked in the process.

Posted by Onyarian on April 27 2005,07:16
I was looking in Distrowatch about a distribution for my old 486 computer, because I work for a long time in my other PC with linux, and I am very happy with DSL because now I utilize it in a CF as frugal in other computers.
Posted by gArGöS.fRoM.mExIcO on April 29 2005,00:27
Hello there!

This time I welcome myself.

I found info about DSL in www.darkforo.com (my most loved forum ever)
And I want to make a question to someone:

Can you help me about installing DSL on a Thinkpad 760ED? Because I wish to give it to my little brother (His name is Luis Jose, he's 14 years old).

I thank you for the help...

Thanks amigos!!! :)

See you later!

Posted by Caspar_s on April 29 2005,02:58
gArGöS.fRoM.mExIcO:  First, search (from beginnning and newer - using Thinkpad AND 760) the laptop forum - and if whatever problem you're looking to solve doesn't come up, then ask in there with more detailed questions than "Can you help me install...) :)

Friend;y bunch - as long as you search for what you're looking for first.

Posted by sega01 on May 07 2005,20:08
i think google... when 9.3 came out.
Posted by sock on May 10 2005,22:19
I found it on distrowatch.com. I needed a distro that would run on a very old computer. :p
Posted by Seth on May 12 2005,20:39
Google while looking for small distros/live distros
Posted by Jason on May 15 2005,02:20
I heard about DSL from another member of the message boards at < Freedomlist > (mostly a discussion forum about and $10 and under ISPs, including Free ISPs).  One day, someone mentioned both Knoppix and DSL, discussing how an OS can fit onto a CD, and the merits of it.  Since Knoppix is a little tough to download on 56K dialup, I downloaded DSL, which was v.0.4.8 at the time.  I've mostly used it as a secondary OS on my computer to Window$ 98$E, but, now that I seem to have adding programs to the CD and remastering down, I'll probably use it more and more and more.
Posted by andrewphoto on June 30 2005,19:04
I got into computers 21 months ago to do virtual-tour photography.
Stumbled across Linux as an alternative to Windows for surfing. Anti-virus Updates is a joke. UK/DE/FR etc., society is basically 10 years behind (i.e., broadband,) the US. Most of the world is 56k.
Started Redhat 6. UK, 3 magazines, Linux Format, Linux Magazine, Linux User & Developer. Linux Format, excellent graphic design & typography, least technical, popular, discovered DSL reading. Don't need full-fat distro.
My box, DSL & Knoppix. Can't wait for Knoppix Light, and can't wait for my Knoppix Komplete to arrive.

Posted by MethodOne on June 30 2005,20:09
I found it when I was searching Google for "run linux on flash drive" and ended up getting results for DSL, my first distro.  I downloaded 1.0.1 at the time and did a poorman's install on my Compaq Presario 1200 XL118 laptop.  After that, I upgraded to 1.1.  During that time, I was off DSL and experimented with some Red Hat 9 CDs my college professor gave me.  Unfortunately, my dad said that I should reinstall Windows 98 on the Compaq, and the poorman's install of DSL ran like crap because I had an old boot floppy.  Then I tried the embedded version of 1.1 on my five-year-old desktop, and it required the USB boot floppy.  I had a blast with NetHack until 1.2 came along, which can only run the game as root.  I used the embedded version until I decided to run 1.2.1 off a CD.  Right now, I run DSL from a CD and my extensions from a flash drive using the mydsl=sda1 cheatcode. :D
Posted by faroutscience on Oct. 06 2005,21:30
I believe I read about it in the book called "Knoppix Hacks". I have been working with live CDs like Knoppix and Oralux to adapt something for visually impaired users.

DSL is so small that it will run "fast" on just about anything. The store got me started with the Mini-ITX format and I now run Linux exclusively out of a Casetronic box. I gave my wife the old behemoth and I only go up front for Windoze when it is unavoidable.

Thanks for all of the great ideas.


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