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Topic: Any musicians in the group ?
started by: MrBear37

Posted by MrBear37 on Dec. 13 2004,20:35
Greetings !

 I was just a little curious how many musicians there might be who use DSL, and how many have tried the music editing software for Linux on DSL.  Any other applications that you have integrated into it ?

  Currently I have downloaded GScore and will need to do some configurations to get things into the correct directory.
if it works I will document the changes.. and see if I can make some appropriate changes to install on DSL.. if there is any interest.

 I also installed DENEMO notation software from Apt-get with no issues.

Peace !
Mark :cool:

Posted by clacker on Dec. 13 2004,20:58
MrBear37, I am interested, but you know, I never even thought to look for musical notation software in Linux.  I have friends that I know would kill for some good musical notation software.  If you had a dsl of that program I'd download it and enjoy it.  Can it make guitar tab as well?  My friends use either treble and bass cleff or jazz cheat sheets.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 13 2004,21:36
Audicity does a passable job of recording.

But as for a midi device, I don't know whether we have one or not.

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 13 2004,23:22
In DSL I've played around with Trommler, Audacity, and Freebirth.
Usually, though, I prefer Ardour for anything dealing with music.  I haven't tried getting that one working in DSL yet...many dependencies to think about.
It'll happen one day soon, though, if for no other reason than just to see how well it would work running in ramdisk.

Posted by Max on Dec. 14 2004,00:17
I had tried installing Lilypad and Denemo about a month ago.  I got Denemo running but couldn't get it to read any Lilypad files.  Also didn't have much luck getting Lilypad to run.  It kept erroring out when it would try to compile a couple of Lilypad files I pulled off the net and was using to test.

I'd be interested to hear what success you have.

Posted by Ploppy on Jan. 21 2006,20:44
Hello Mr Bear and others ,
I am not a real musician , but trying . I started with the Atari ST changing to Windows later , and I think Linux is definately not able do do any sensefull work for musicians at this time . Best thing I tried was running old Cubasis under WINE emulation , sorry. Not to be misunderstood , Linux is a stable system that has grown much more userfriendly , but I still miss some good Sequencing software ,
did anybody find some  ?

Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 22 2006,19:41
You mean, like this:

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