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started by: monkymind

Posted by monkymind on Feb. 07 2005,08:26
Anyone using VOIP?

I had a play around with SJphone and like it. It's simple to use (though a bit weird to setup initially) and installation consists of unpacking into any directory and running it (libs are in a sub-dir).
Haven't tried it on DSL yet < SJphone download page >

Has anyone disconnected their landline and moved to voip exclusively?  (Cable or wireless users of course!)


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Feb. 07 2005,17:06
Haven't used VOIP for much more than talking to people online.

Skype is great, and free, and works with DSL. www.skype.com

Of course, DSL already has gphone, which does a passable job.


Posted by Chelly on July 20 2005,15:47
I use SIP daily in MS Windows.  Windows Messenger works adequate for SIP services and reduces the hassle of additional client install.  Better clients are available than Windows Messenger.

Dumped my landline phone a year ago since SIP provders starting offering telephone gateways.  www.sipphone.net provides outstanding simple service.  Many other SIP providers great service but expensive fixed monthly plans that don't cover the countries I need.

I 'll dump Windows in a minute if DSL had SIP capability (maybe My DSL).  Still searching monthly for DSL SIP since I am not a Linux hack.

DSL gphone apears to be simple IP to IP propriatary VoIP, but not sure.

Posted by monkymind on July 21 2005,00:42
There's a Linux version of X-Lite but haven't tested it with DSL yet:
Download from here -> < http://www.xten.com/index.php?menu=products&smenu=download >


Posted by doobit on July 25 2005,14:01
I use Vonage with a cable modem, and have cancelled my landline. So far it's great except when Adelphia's servers go down.
Posted by telephone on Dec. 11 2005,13:51
does anyone know a sip provider who connects narrowband speex-codec  to pstn ?
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