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started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on July 27 2005,12:54
Out today (27th. July 2005,) Linux Format magazine includes Debian 3.1, on a double sided dvd (i.e., 14-29 cd's!)
Debian is not difficult to install. I believe that the partitioning section of the install can chop up an NTFS partition (or just use run_qtparted on sysrescuecd,) and now Debian 3.1 has a gui package installer (aptitude.) Or you can run aptitude from the command line during install.
Eg., I wanted to install Gnome using as little space as possible, so after the initiall install (Debian core,) (400-500mb,) I ran, aptitude install x-window-system-core gnome-core gdm(gnome display manager, not strictly necessary, can start Gnome by running command startx,) xscreensaver, total, 700-800mb.

I read this excellence;
< >
and opted to;
mv /etc/rc2.d/S99xdm /etc/rc2.d/_S99xdm
P.s. I needed cd 1 & 2, that's all.

Posted by andrewphoto on July 27 2005,14:11
Page 57, DSL gets a mention (in a concise graph,) as a distro that comes from Debian.
Posted by adssse on July 27 2005,14:57
Sounds like a quality magazine, too bad it's so expensive. Maybe I'll stop by the bookstore and read it.
Posted by andrewphoto on July 27 2005,15:07
Six pounds and forty-nine pence for this limey, which I slightly object to, but I'll buy this issue cos the dvd will be very handy, & I want to scrutinize the Debian review.
Posted by ryptyde on Aug. 16 2005,02:26
The Linux Format (LXF70) mag DVD is double sided and one side has Debian 3.1 and the other has Fedora Core 4.You can boot from either side for the distro of your choice.

If you lack a DVD drive but have access to one you can create install discs via the scripts on the DVD on either Linux or Windows boxes.

Debian scripts create 6 install discs.

Fedora Core scripts create 4 install discs.

The Fedora Core side of the DVD also includes a lot of extra goodies for Linux in general.There is a game mod included:

"UT2004-SAS:Into The Lions Den"  :p


Posted by John on Aug. 17 2005,08:38
LF is a great magazine, it is pricy here in the US with our less than favorable exchange rates.  All the UK Linux magazines are very good quality.  I really like the way they tend to be much more user oriented compared to the US publications which are much more focused on the 'enterprise' market.
Posted by adraker on Aug. 17 2005,20:36
Yup, just paid my 24.5 Aussie dollars for it, it is a well put together mag.
I've been wary of their distro's however, since a couple of years ago
when they pumped out a Mandrake with no kernel sources, waited for the
public outcry, and then provided them in the next issue.
Beware the "magazine" distro.

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