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started by: undertow

Posted by undertow on Aug. 14 2005,02:38

something tells me this isnt authorized.

Posted by adssse on Aug. 14 2005,04:06
Ya I noticed these also. Cant wrap my mind around why anyone would buy on ebay when they could get it from the dsl site and the money will go to helping dsl.
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Aug. 14 2005,05:28
Yeah it sucks, but there's actually nothing against it.  Would actually be a kinda good thing, if the seller sent some money to John and Co., but I highly doubt that's happening.
But yeah, with the way most Linux type licensing works (don't really know the inner workings of GNU, Open Source, etc., etc.) there's nothing actually stating someone else can't sell it if another someone is "dumb" enough to buy it.

Posted by John on Aug. 14 2005,06:30
$1.99 + $7.99 S+H, I bet he doesn't sell many.
Posted by monkymind on Aug. 14 2005,09:58
Looks like they basically burn a variety of free linux distros to CD and auction them :O
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Posted by jshaw on Aug. 23 2005,04:07
As far as legallity:  does John have the website copyrighted?  The description for DSL is almost verbatim from the DSL home page.

And as for money, in the last month the seller has had over 450 feedbacks, and he's selling items for as much as $5.99... how much does a stack of CD-R's cost?  I bet he doesn't have a day job.


Posted by green on Aug. 23 2005,21:29
If nothing else, at least the logo should be protected.
That guy is a friggin leach as far as I'm concerned.

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