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Topic: 10 Question Linux Quiz
started by: adssse

Posted by adssse on Aug. 24 2005,03:33
Just happened to run across this and thought I would point it out. Its a little too easy for most on this board though.
< http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-10779_7-5741293-1.html?tag=cnetfd.ld >

Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 24 2005,16:19
I tried and got 9/10

I appeal to the judges on my one wrong answer, as I believe that there is more than one correct answer to that question :-)

Posted by kopsis on Aug. 24 2005,23:24
Which question? I took issue with the XFree86, Motif, Gnome, KDE question ... I've seen lots of Linux boxes with Lesstif (or other variants) but never real Motif (which is not open source and can't be included in a fully GPL'd distro).
Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 25 2005,16:26
Mine was question #5

I don't care what Stallman says or doesn't say.

To me GNU/Linux is a compination of a free software kernel and apps (GNU utility programs).

So in my opinion, there is more than one correct answer to that question.

But then again, what do I know :)

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Aug. 25 2005,23:39
I got that one "wrong" too...  as well as the XFree86 one...
and I had no idea about the bus thing... I prefer the train! :D

Posted by adraker on Aug. 26 2005,00:07
Yep, I'll go along with that, Q5 is a bit dodgy.
I like the bit about Bill the Evil Bat of Greed though.


Posted by jshaw on Aug. 27 2005,08:28
I can't believe I got 8/10.  You Damn [Small Linux] ppl have converted me... hehe
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