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Posted by John on Aug. 29 2005,06:27
Hi Guys,
I know we have some very interesting people here in the DSL community.  I would really like to read more about you all in the < blogs >.  I a, very curious about what you all do, what your hobbies are and so forth.  Please, don't feel like you need to talk about DSL in particular, in fact I'd say there has been to much conversation about DSL and that really isn't the spot to do it.

If you are into anything interesting, or find something cool on the web, or had something bizarre happen to you please post.  Heck, at this point I'd even welcome activists posts -- so if you have a cause please go blog about it.


Posted by green on Aug. 30 2005,03:35
Perhaps the following could be changed:

"This is the home for the DSL community. If you are a DSL user, please participate. Personal information and musing is allowed -- just keep it somewhat related to the DSL project."


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