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Topic: Dehydration in N'awlins.
started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on Sep. 02 2005,12:58
I know "N'awlins" well; and, Mobile, must be the biggest 'camp' in the world.
The day after, I saw the headline photos, water at roof level.
I think I've got half a brain, and so I thought, the FIRST thing to do is thus;
biggest container filled with bottles of water, that a helicopter can carry,
grid - 4 miles, or maybe 2,
chopper them in and chain em to a lampost or something,
everybody can get water within 2 or 4 miles.
Advanced western nation, people dying of dehydration, terrible.

Posted by andrewphoto on Sep. 03 2005,10:25
I wonder how George Bush sleeps at night.
At the one end, diabolical lack of concern, at the other, valid conspiracy theory.
Last night on the BBC, a major-general, an acting general, understand the seniority of that rank, said they had a plan on the shelf for such an occurrence. Clown. I see a black man in dreadful tears at how they're being treated like dogs. On BBC Radio 4, I hear a black representative in congress, says, will history record that those who die are, old, poor, black.
Today, 'The Sun,' No.1 tabloid in the UK, a very powerful newspaper, centre-right, the headline, in BIG letters, "LEFT TO DIE."
Understand this. The world knows that the American people are good, admires their energy & drive.

I wonder if this is greater than 9/11. I wonder, I have a sneaking suspicion, will this be a turning point for America, American society. I cannot dare to comment on the anguish of such denial of help.

My heart goes out to all people hit by the hurricane, especially those on the waterfront, in the city.

Posted by mgmont on Sep. 06 2005,23:35
I know that it is popular thing these days to bash George Bush for everything that goes wrong, but I think that in this case people need to understand that in our form of government the president is not a dictator and can not by law move into a state and take charge unless invited by the governor of a state.  

In the case of New Orleans, there was a failure in local and state government in preparing for and actions after the storm hit.  The city of New Orleans has an evacuation plan which you can view on the internet that spells out that the city will evacuate people without means to leave using city and school buses whenever a catagory 3 or larger hurricane threatens the city.  This use of the buses for evacuation is under the control of the mayor of the city.  The four hundred or so school busses and the public transportation busses were not used at all and left locked and parked and eventually ruined by the high water.  The people were told to go to the super dome by there own means instead of busing them completely out of the city as the evacuation plan spells out.  

I think that the mayor was gambling that the hurricane would not be that bad and would not have to be out the expense for the evacuation, but lost his bet

The second mistake was by the state governer.  George Bush urged her to declare a state of emergency and call in the national guard, but she waited for and extra day before responding thinking that the local officals and police could control the situation.  As I stated previously, the president can not order troops or relief agencies into the state unless invited by the state government.  

I think at this point instead of trying to assign blame, we all need to support the relief efforts of the government and all the private citizens and companys that are volunteering there time, efforts and money to help the unfortunate victims not only in New Orleans but the whole gulf coast.

Posted by mgmont on Sep. 07 2005,01:34
I know of one of our forum users and contributers that lives in Biloxi.  Jesseakc is in the Air Force and was very recently transfered to Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi.  As we all know, Biloxi was hit very hard by the hurricane.  

Jesseakc,  if you read this are you and your family OK?  Is there anything we can do to help?

There are probably more forum users that were affected by the hurricane.  Maybe we give them some help if we know who they are.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 07 2005,02:44
andrewphoto ,

While I can't boast of being a Bush supporter, or even affiliated
with any political agendas..

We also hear , on our news , about the BBC, our own DNC,
and other politically motivated figures, taking the opportunity
to politicize their views during this time of need and anguish..

Taking advantage of media opportunities during this horrible natural disaster,
to further their own agendas and promote extreme leftist views
against the affairs of our govt. in their efforts thruout the world..

Another opportunity to "beat the bush" , so to speak..

Here in Houston, we have taken on the bulk of the
evacuees, and know of the stories they tell from being there.

My ham radio organization is providing communications, voluntarily,
for the Astrodome, and the other facilities here in Houston.
So much of my info comes thru non-political channels.

Truth be known, mgmont speaks it correctly.

President Bush DID in fact contact the Governor of Louisiana,
the DAY BEFORE the storm made landfall, and urgently requested
permission to enter into assistance for preparation of the aftermath.

Working with our Governor here in Texas, much effort and assistance
has been setup, and sent, to LA. on behalf of Texas, under the leadership
of President Bush.

Again, the MAYOR of New Orleans has much at fault, in the lack of
organization and rescue immediately before and after the storm.
Likewise, with the governor of LA, who was helpless to begin any
rescue or immediate efforts down the chain of command,
due to lack of communications , a side effect of the storms fury.

..and it IS true that a plan was already in-place , dsigned to
become active during a category 3 or higher storm , for the
greater New Orleans Area for evacuation and saving of lives.
It was never initiated or used during this crisis, mostly due
to lack of involvement and leadership by local and state authorities.

The local govt. of LA was caught with their pants down once again..

I expect heads will roll on this one.  

But I do wish these folks with the TIME and MONEY to blast
their opinions on radio and tv, would use that time and energy to
come down here , and give a helping hand to all the huge numbers
of kindfolk who are generously giving monies, assistance, aid,
comfort, shelter, and help with reconstruction to thousands of
FELLOW AMERICANS in need from the Gulf Coast, LA. included.


Posted by monkymind on Sep. 07 2005,02:58
Statement on Federal Emergency Assistance for Louisiana
The President today declared an emergency exists in the State of Louisiana and ordered Federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the parishes located in the path of Hurricane Katrina beginning on August 26, 2005, and continuing.

Read the rest here : < >

Gov. Blanco's expedited request for Federal Aid - Aug 28th
< >

Local and State governments are not designed to deal with monumental catastrophes that is why there is always a "National" and "International" response in these overwhelming situations.

If all it takes is lack of communication between FEMA and a local official to leave thousands of stranded and dying people without food, water and assistance ..... then the reality is the country is woefully unprepared to deal with disasters (and this needs to be addressed ASAP).

Lastly, the focus on leadership incompetence is happening because volunteers and supplies were turned away or prevented from being delivered to those who were in dire need.
< >

Since this is a DSL support site, and I have already posted a link to a story where DSL is been used to setup public information and contact kiosks to help people and families were separated during the rescue operation find each other, I'll only add one last comment.

Aid and assistance has been sent from all around the world. If the International community can forget borders and boundaries why is it  playing such an important factor in the federal / local politician's finger pointing??

Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 27 2005,14:43
Andrew, I try to keep my politics off the DSL board, but if you're interested in current events in the US I can share a few links with you privately.
Posted by andrewphoto on Oct. 05 2005,13:00
Been away for a while,

Right now, have to dash, am very much eager to read every word above, will do so later today.

Off the top of my head, noordinaryspider, you may appreciate this one, you mentioned Tony Blair (you know, that who belongs in the gutter,) now Tony, he's got a BIG lawyers mind, but he's got a SMALL brain, like if you shot him in the head, you couldn't use a pistol, you might miss, you'd have to use a shotgun.

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