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started by: fartbarker

Posted by fartbarker on Sep. 05 2005,19:05
I hope my DSL cd comes tomorrow. Every iso disk I try burning will not work.
Posted by fartbarker on Sep. 06 2005,01:42
haha I finally figured how to get my mac to burn a working iso
i am now a full fledged dsl user  :p

Posted by adssse on Sep. 06 2005,03:27
Congrats, hope you enjoy dsl!
Posted by dmizzel on Sep. 07 2005,07:16
Welcome FartBarker.... rip one for us!???
Posted by WoofyDugfock on Sep. 08 2005,11:18
Hey Fartbarker -- with a name like that, we must be kindred canine spirits (woof!)
Posted by fartbarker on Sep. 26 2005,22:00
I like it. I keep trying other distros but keep coming back to this one.
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