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Topic: Hacked-Links
started by: Grim

Posted by Grim on Sep. 09 2005,11:17
Hello everybody,

I'm sure I'm the only retro retard who instantly fell in love with Sergey Karpov's Hacked-Links project, but that's neither here nor there.  I've upgraded my system a couple of times and hacked-links stopped working.

Well, first the GUI went, not that big of a deal.  I used it from terminal.app, or putty remotely most of the time anyway.  It finally gave up the ghost about two kernel upgrades ago.

I've tried to migrate to other text-mode browsers, w3m, elinks and even lynx.  Nothing has really come close to Karpov's efforts.  I tried to go back and download the source from his site (yeah, I backed up the tarball, but I can't find it.  My backup procedure can wait for another day) but his site is password protected now, so no love there.

I've finally found the source again (I plan to back it up to my site, so nyah, nyah) but it doesn't work with some of the newer libs.

Does anyone happen to know why Sergey quit development on hacked-links?  I mean, if he started contributing his code to another project, great. I'll just switch to that browser.

If not, anybody know how I could get in touch with him so I could offer him a case or two of beer to pick up development again?  I really liked that browser.

Posted by Grim on Oct. 12 2005,06:24
I can tell by the underwhelming response to my inquiry that many of my fellow DSL users weren't as enamoured with the Hacked-Links project as I.  Nevertheless, while perusing through some of my old backups, I stumbled across a hacked-links deb package that I had made.  I installed it, and it works like a charm.

If anybody's interested, you can grab my copy @ < grimthing.com >

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 12 2005,14:40
^_^ I didn't see your post before today.

Personally, I loved Links-hacked. Still use it all the time.

But admittedly, I do not use the 2.6.x kernel, so it still works fine for me when built from source.

I think Sergei stopped development because of school or time constraints, or somehting. I read an announcement somewhere. I'll look for it and post a link when/if I find it.


Posted by cbagger01 on Oct. 12 2005,22:22
I like links-hacked.

It is a great all-in-one browser:

console text browser
graphical browser
javascript/frames browser

I am sure that this is why it was included in the earlier versions of DSL and also other minimal livecds like INSERT.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough room for links-hacked + dillo + Firefox in the base iso.

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