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started by: raysr

Posted by raysr on Sep. 17 2005,21:44
i was using "" for a dialup on another box but now it seems it's gone.  Connection still works but I can't connect to the web page.  The only reason I used it was because it was advertised on DSL.  Anybody know what's up?


Posted by John on Sep. 18 2005,06:48
Hi Raysr,
I really do not know what is going on with, it looks like the website is down too.  I will post when I get word on what's happening.

Posted by raysr on Sep. 18 2005,18:52
Thanks John.  It's time for me to  renew but I can't.  ??
Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 21 2005,17:21
I'm in the same boat. I think I've got a few more weeks left, but if nicrevival is gone, I sure could use some help finding another dial-up ISP. I have multiple desktops with various limitations networked through a smoothwall so anything that requires putting software on a windows machine (in other words, my local phone company, all high speed providers in my area, and any ISP I could locate through my phone book or other offline means) are out of the question.

I live in the US in a small town in Northern California.


Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 21 2005,17:45
SBC/Yahoo works fine with smoothwall,
and you DON'T have to use 'their' (SBC) software to get on.
Smoothwall's PPPoE function works fine for connect-on-demand.


Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 21 2005,18:06
I had a miserable experience with SBC DSL about a year ago, but I was running windoze. I never could get it to connect so I guess I'm a bit gun-shy.

Their DSL is comparably priced to dial-up in my area right now. You have to order online but customer service said  my mistake before was to order the kit for a single computer when I should have ordered the (more expensive) kit with their router instead of trying to use my DLink DI-604.

Is it okay for me to PM or email you for advice on this, Kent? It's okay if you're too busy.

Posted by clivesay on Sep. 21 2005,20:52
If this ISP is not available to support DSL may I recommend It is a national ISP that appears to be good according to people who have used it. If you pay your bill with a credit card or checking account, it's $9.95/month. If you use my ID as a reference, my non-profit organization will receive $15 for every person that signs up. I use this ISP on the Linux machines I donate to needy kids. No extra software required. They were even nice enough to give me an account for free to test Linux compatibility, while others I asked wouldn't do it.


Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 23 2005,04:20
Verizon DSL works fine with DamnSmallLinux

For my local system, the pppoe username was ""

and the password was the Verizon email account password.

Plug in computer
Boot DamnSmallLinux
Run pppoeconfig
Enter in information.

Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 27 2005,14:40
The nicrevival account manager is back up as of 9/27. :D

I'm not sure where they're physically located, so this could have been hurricane related. I never lost service, although I did notice it slowing down for a bit. Whatever happened, they've got it fixed now, so I'm going to stick with them for another three months anyway.

Posted by raysr on Sep. 30 2005,06:09
I see they're back up again with a nasty warning about paypal, scared the crap out of me!!
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