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Topic: Good, cheap web host?
started by: bigkahuna

Posted by bigkahuna on Sep. 22 2005,23:53
Hi all,

I'm shopping for a cheap ($5/month or less) web host that includes PHP, CGI and (hopefully) mySQL support.  I'm consolidating 3 sites (to save some $$) and the site I'm  using (1&1) doesn't  support PHP or mySQL.

Any suggestions?


Posted by faroutscience on Sep. 23 2005,01:10
Cheap isn't always better. I have been with several hosts over the years. Cheap hosts usually "oversell" leading to major problems down the road.

Check out: < HostGator >

They are based in south Florida. Their servers are with The Planet an excellent server farm in Dallas, TX. Their servers are housed in very secure buildings with redundant power and communications lines.

Give them a try. (I have no interest in them other than as a satisfied customer.)


Posted by bigkahuna on Sep. 23 2005,01:18
Thanks, and you are right that "cheaper isn't always better", but I'm consolidating 3 sites that don't generate any income for me, so I don't want to spend much money on them.  The site I've got now doesn't support PHP and I'd like to add a mySQL database.

I'm looking at, which for $18/year seems hard to beat.  Any others?


Posted by Max on Sep. 23 2005,03:07
I maintain our church's website an just switched our host to  They are based in Arizona and their server farm is in LA.

They are $7.50/month but if you go to their site on Fri/Sat/Sun the first three months are only a penny.  You get 5 gigs of storage and 100gig of bandwidth a month.  Includes php cgi mysql perl bbs phpbb  phpnuke wordpress oscommerce etc.

I've personally found it to be very good anyway. And at $75/year it was a bargain for quality hosting.

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