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started by: Jon T

Posted by Jon T on Nov. 03 2005,13:04
Is there a DSL group working on any projects currently?

I have small Sempron PXE booting DSL farm looking for something constructive to do. (I currently do SETI/Boinc on my Windows machines).


Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 03 2005,17:06
I run BOINC too..but I dont belong to a Damn Small Linux team...

< http://www.boincstats.com/stats....b1d6b4f >


Posted by Carsyn on Nov. 14 2005,04:43
I'm a 100% newbie to Linux not to mention DSL so bear with me.

I seem to be able to download BOINC okay, but I can't run it via the Run window.

I understand I need some kind of program installer?

Like I say, I'm 100% newbie, so bear with me. Any help appreciated on getting BOINC up and going here.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 14 2005,04:52
goto < http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ >

Click on the link to download BOINC ..

It should download this file, as of 11/11/2005

once downloaded, open a shell, and change it's permissions.
  chmod 777 boinc_5.2.7_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh

Then run it to install it.

Once installed, change to the proper directory, and run the manager
  cd BOINC

Instructions to add any type of DC project to it can be found
at the websites that sponsor them..


Posted by Carsyn on Nov. 14 2005,05:22
The download went fine, the chmod line had no reply, but when I do the ./ boinc_(everything) it replies:

bash: ./: is a directory

Help appreciated...

Posted by Carsyn on Nov. 14 2005,16:45
Well I've got BOINC up and running now. For newbies like me wondering how, here's the steps:

1) Go to BOINC download page. Right click Linux release and click "Save Link As". When finished, click Save. Close window. (Note: adjusting following file name based on version as needed)

2) Double click XTerminal.

3) Type the following lines, enter after each line (noting different filename if version different):

mv boinc_5.2.7_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh /opt/
cd /opt
chmod +x boinc_5.2.7_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh
rm boinc_5.2.7_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh

...and now the BOINC manager should come up and you'll know where you're at.

This has got to be the way to go on older machines being used as a BOINC farm... good luck...

Posted by Carsyn on Nov. 14 2005,17:03
Here's something I noticed...

Same computer running windows and boinc had benchmarks of 1402/1976.

Same computer running DSL and boinc had benchmarks of 689/1865.

It's a Pentium 4 2.8ghz

Time per workunit is going to look similar if not better with DSL though.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 14 2005,18:32
My apologies..

Seems I left a space in my line of instruction.. corrected

Glad you got it to work anyway.

I'll post up my stats from my boxen from home tonite,
and see how they compare..


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